Right Wing Specials-With an Attitude!
PONDEROSA'S WARRANTY - "If there is some group of spineless, left-wing, egg sucking liberals that I inadvertently forgot to offend, please inform me.  They will be graciously added."
 WE STRIVE TO SOLVE A VARIETY OF PERSONAL PROBLEMS: "Idaho Statesman" Editors Corrected, Terrorists Targeted, Wolves Removed, Camels Skinned, Turbans Unwound, Gun Rights Preserved, Citizens Armed, Weapons Supplied, Politicians Haunted, Liberal Democrats Castrated, Legislation Questioned, Burglars Shot, Trees Un-hugged, Anti-Gunners Dismissed, Trespassers Violated, Gangs Disbanded, Crimes Prevented, Faggots Neutralized, Wolves Tanned, Bears Removed and Liberals Cured.  We even reprogram newly arrived refugees from The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia into productive, armed residents with Republican registration cards and concealed weapon permits!  If all else fails, we have -  Idaho's Liberal Burial Pit
 ON-SITE CONSULTANT: NRA Certified Redneck, Story Teller, Wilderness Survival Expert, Supply Sergeant, Arms Dealer, Back Country Guide, Bounty Hunter, Night Vision Weapon Instructor, 1000 Yard Sniper, Author, Lecturer, Traveler, Entrepreneur, Independent Contractor, Salesman, Retired Mechanical Engineer, Pain-In-The-Ass and Certified Bullshit Artist.
IDAHO SUPPORT GROUPS: Transplants to Idaho can depend on local support.  Idaho welcomes:  US Military Members, Retired law enforcement officers,  NRA Life Members,  Registered Republicans, conservatives, concealed weapon permit holders and people with back bone.  If you have a limp wrist, a weak spine or a whine - keep driving!  If you had an attitude, leave it where you came from.  If you have a serious attitude, stop in.  We enjoy the entertainment!
IDAHO BELIEVES:  The Constitution is intact, the ten commandments should be on every public and private building, English is the official language, a pony tail belongs on a horses ass or the cheer leader,  only bulls have rings on their faces,  roosters have  top notches,  tail-gaiters are fair game, men shake but do not hold hands, cell-phones were not taught in "Drivers-Ed" and WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE JANE FONDA.
KALIFORNIA TRANSPLANT WARNING:  No mechanism is illegal in the state of Idaho as long as federal law is complied with.  Don't panic - silencers, machine guns, short shotguns & rifles, AOW's, switchblades, brass knuckles, pet ferrets, 2 cycle outboards, gas powered leaf blowers and target practice are all legal!  DO NOT CALL 911 ON YOUR FIRST DAY TO IDAHO TO REPORT THESE!  Take your meds and welcome to the "LAND OF ID".
IDAHO WOLVES:  Idaho doesn't mind if you tree hugging, spineless, left-wing, egg sucking PETA freeks support the wolves.  Just come feed the damn things twice a day so they quit eating my animals.  Otherwise we recommend - S.O.S. - Shoot On Sight!
REGISTRATION:  We register SEX OFFENDERS in the GREAT STATE OF IDAHO, we do not register firearms.  It is a unique concept.



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* "THE IDAHO MAN'S PURSE"  If you occasionally get the urge to accessorize with a purse but you still need your Glock, Surefire, Benchmade and urban survival kit - get the purse!  WARNING: NOT FOR THE LIMP WRISTED!  Black, Woodland or Desert Camo. $60
* NEW ARRIVALS:  "USA Terrorist Hunting Permits" $3
* NEW ARRIVALS: "USA Feral Wolf Tag" Harvest methods included.


* We have 6' long black or silver Alaskan Wolf Hides in stock POR
* Wolf Hooks: A 10/0 Treble hook/500# Wolf line & USA Feral Wolf tag. $8
* The best electronic call I have seen!  The only thing this ain't got is a tree hugger call!  (In Process!)  Wolves, big game, birds & varmints. POR
150 gallon fuel tanks w/stand and hose - new & primed
300 gallon fuel tanks w/stand and hose - new & primed
500 gallon fuel tanks w/stand and hose - new & primed
OD USGI caps
USGI two man pup tents complete
Wool blankets
US Military man sized targets
Cargo nets. For tie down or bear proofing your camp


BDU shirts size small & medium were $10
12 Assorted GI accessories
13 Pop tents - 2 man. Set up in 3 seconds!
14 Wooden ammo boxes
15 Remington field & shooting shirts
16 Selected outdoor books  $20% off
17 Assorted large leg hold traps, wolf hooks and more! ~
18 Oneida Newhouse #15 Bear Trap $1000

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