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Ponderosa Sports has an extensive inventory of equipment suited to the camper, hunter or winter bound resident. We stock the equipment that we use and have had experience with in Idaho and the high mountains of Colorado. The following is a sample listing. Special buys come in every week. 

The threat of WWIII and the GAS CRISIS has made inventory uncertain.  Summer power black-outs ARE expected.  Winter was good.  West coast fires will be followed by flooding. Ben Laden is still alive.  Iraq has become another Viet Nam.  Iran is arming.  Israel is ready to nuke Iran.  Venezuela is swinging left. Korea is hostile. Africa is sick.  The Mexican invasion continues. The middle east is hot.  Hussein is possible.  Hillary awaits an Obama assassination.  Gas costs more than beer - how bad can it get!  Watch the gun control unfold!  GOOGLE up HR1022 for a preview of gun legislation.  The Supreme court decision is soon!

PRODUCT TIP:  ACR PLB-300 MicrOFix.   This may be one of the greatest survival products ever made!  This Personal Locator Beacon can give your location within 100 yards any where on earth and initiate a rescue with the press of a button.  Stop in for a full demonstration.


THE RULE OF 3 - Many people ask what survival equipment should be available for a particular trip, adventure or threat. Remember THE RULE OF 3. It will help in both selecting equipment and train you how to use equipment. This is intended to show you what priority different threats have on your long term survival. With a little planning and thought on just what kind of exposure you are subject to, you will be able to select the appropriate equipment.

THE RULE OF 3 is often summarized that you can die from: blood loss is 3 seconds, air loss in 3 minutes, heat loss in 3 hours, water loss in 3 days, food loss in 3 weeks, shelter loss in 3 months and health loss in 3 years.   If the bird flu mutates - isolate for 3 months.


Knives - A complete display including Benchmade Automatics including the Infidel. We carry skinning, fishing, pocket and military knives including bayonets.  Some examples follow.
1-A EnTrek USA Falcon -  7 3/4" blade 1/4" thick. 440C stainless steel.  Black canvas Micarta handle.  13 in. overall length.  Includes Kydex sheath. $100
1-B EnTrek USA Merc - 6 7/8 blade 1/4" thick. 440C stainless steel. Black canvas Micarta handle.  12 in. overall length.  Includes Kydex sheath. $150
1-C Camillus CQB - 5 3/4 blade 5/32" thick.  ATS 34 steel. Black canvas Micarts handle.  10 7/8 in. overall length.  Includes nylon sheath. $75
1-D Lone Wolf Tighe Folder - The 3 1/2" blade is made of CPM-S30V steel. The closed length is 4 3/4". The handle, liner, and pocket clips are all made of Titanium. The overall length of the knife is 7.88" $150
1-E Benchmade 880SBT Elishewitz - The 3 3/4" blade is made of ATS-34 steel.  The handle is G-10.  Overall length is 8.6" open, 4.8" closed.  Pocket clip $140
1-F Cold Steel Trail Master - The 9 1/2" blade is Carbon V.  The handle is Kraton.  Overall length is 14 1/2.  It has a black leather sheath. $200
“PONDEROSA’S FIRST AID KIT” and "PONDEROSA'S TERRORIST SURVIVAL KIT - A custom, complete first aid & survival  kit in a 3 gallon sealed container.


Cots - The highest quality military from camping to hospital.
BOOTS, TACTICAL - Lightweight black Warpath police/swat tactical boots with aggressive tread. Sizes 6-13
Individual Camo netting in woodland or desert.


Penta Pure water purification system.
Minor surgical kit - Uncle Sams best.
Medical supplies - From first aid to disaster. We have sutures and thread. Also - ace bandages, bandages, chapstick, cold & hot packs, airways, dressing, shears, gauze, insect repellent, kerlix, providone, sam splints, scalpels, snake bite kits, surgical tape, wood tick accessories.
Sleeping bags - From 20# evacuation winter bags to fall bags. We have military bed rolls.
Trioxane - Fire starter bars - the best. A box of three.
Fire starters of various manufacturers - survivals life blood.
Gelled ethanol Alco Brite fuel and stoves.


Compasses of many types.
Fishing equipment including flies, worms, bait, lures, pole/reel sets, vests, ponchos and accessories.  We even have snagging hooks for sharks & wolves!
River running shoes, life jackets, dry boxes, survival whistles, river shorts, t-shirts, sunscreen, glasses & supplies.
Lots of survival literature, books and US GI manuals.


Propane stoves, bottles, lights and accessories.
Everything needed for a 3 month elk hunt or camping trip in survival conditions.
Transit boxes - 37" wide x31" deep x33" high. On rollers with handles. Great to store the hunting camp or gear in.
Metal Military cans - from steel ammo cans to large aluminum medical boxes.
Chem lights - box of 10
Mechanics tool bags
Several sizes of duffel bags
100 MPH tape - (this ain't for taping ducks!)
Wooden and aluminum snow shoes with bindings
Zip away cargo pants - legs unzip to converts to shorts
Porta potties - self contained river rated with flush
USGI inflatable pillows


"THE IDAHO MAN'S PURSE"  If you occasionally get the urge to accessorize with a purse but you still need your Glock, Surefire, Benchmade and survival gear - get the purse.  WARNING: NOT FOR THE LIMP WRISTED!



MAXPEDITION - A complete line of MAXPEDITION products that we carry will be listed soon!



ACR PLB-300 - The greatest survival tool to be made.  This Personal Locator Beacon can call for help from any place in the world.  It will give your location within 100 yards and initiate a rescue.  Stop in for a demonstration of the ACR MicrOFix.  http://www.acrelectronics.com/microfix/MicrOFixspec.pdf


31 HUNDREDS OF OTHER ITEMS INCLUDING - Blast matches, strobe lights, heat packs, magnesium fire starter, water purification tablets, pepper spray, bear spray, survival candles, metal cookware, coffee pots, mess kits, canteens, Dietz lanterns, candles, German lamp, and much more!

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